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What's wrong with most Boom-Mic Headsets for Amateur Radio?

Typical boom-mic headsets currently being sold in the aftermarket for Amateur Radio are based on inexpensive (sub $8 per unit in volume) boom-mic headsets sold for PC applications.

Then an adapter cable assembly is added for specific radios, an adpater that typically ends up dangling off the front of your radio.

Since most PC sound cards expect an Electret Condenser mic this works OK for certain radios like handhelds, some VHF/UHF mobile radios and even Icom HF radios. For all other applications the microphone is changed to a Dynamic mic to suit the rest of the Amateur Radio HF rigs.

All and all these do work, however they are typically not optimized for communications applications, are not very sturdy, and rarely are spare parts available when they start to fall apart.

If and when you buy a new radio, add another radio to your shack, or simply want to use your headset with another radio, it's time to buy another headset.

Are you willing to spend nearly $200 for an $8 PC headset with an adapter cable?

How about a rugged headset designed specifically for Amateur Radio Communications?

What's different about radiosport headsets?

With radiosport headsets we have addressed these issues by developing our headsets around very high-end commercial communications headsets that typically retail in the $375 to $500 range, but we offer these at much lower cost to the Amateur Radio community.

In addition we have drawn on the exprience of building headset lines provided to OEMs in the aircraft, emergency response, industrial, public safety, and racing industries. Since 1992 more than 2.5 million of these headsets have been delivered in these markets.

9 Reasons You Want a radiosport Boom-Mic Headset:

1) Rugged Construction

Foremost is a headset that is rugged enough to stand the abuse of the NASCAR Pit Lane and keep coming back for more. We used our own in the Pit lane while racing our Porsche GT3 Cup car for many years of faultless operation.

2) Noise Reduction

Tough Molded Ear Cups with sound insulation that provides 24dB Noise reduction from outside QRN and QRM in the shack or at that Multi-Op Contest station. Gel Ear Cushions and Cloth Covers standard on our deluxe "dream" edition headsets.

3) Super Rugged Headset-To-Radio Cables

All of our Headset-To-Radio Cable Assemblies use fiber reinforced wires that provided unmatched flexibility and strength providing a long life of trouble free operation.

4) User Interchangeable Headset-To-Radio Cables

How about a "No Obsolescence" headset you can simply purchase another headset-To-Radio cable to use with a new radio or to use with your HF station during DX Chasing or Contesting but then use with your HandHeld at the next Swap Meet?

5) Industry Standard miniXLR Headset Radio Port

We use the reliable miniXLR 5-pin (6-pin on our new dual receiver headsets) locking interface connector on all of our headsets. This facilitates simple Headset-To-Radio cable swapping.

6) User Interchangeable Microphones

Because we are using Commercial standard Military/Aircraft Boom-Mic holders we not only can use very high quality microphones, but they are easily changed by the user in just a couple of minutes if you need a different type for a new or different brand radio.

Our new Flex-Boom rotates over more than 200 degrees to allow you to simply rotate the Mic-Boom up and out of the way to move quickly from Phone to CW operating.

7) Built-in PTT on the Headset

All of our radiosport headsets (with the exception of our Classic Radio headsets) include a built-in PTT on the headset Ear Cup, and on all Monaural headsets also includes a built-in Volume Control.

8) Auxiliary Radio Port

Our RS60CF Boom-Mic headset and RS21 Symetrix Listen-Only headset include an Auxiliary Radio Port enabling connection of a second receiver to monitor the local repeater or just casual listening on your iPod.

9) Spare Parts for nearly every headset our factory has built since 1992!

That's right we have spare parts for nearly every headset we've built since 1992 and that also means upgraded replacement parts for very early models, as well as a host of headset accessories.

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