radiosport Headset Ear Muffs and Boom-Mic Socks

Replacement and Optional Headset Ear Muffs and Microphone Socks to fit all radiosport Headsets and Boom-Mics.

Ear Muffs

Standard on our deluxe "dream" edition RS20S and RS60CF headsets, Cloth Ear Cover slip over the standard Foam or Gel Ear Cushions for additional comfort in hot and humid environments.

Gel Ear Cushions prove to be more comfortable for some users when wearing their headset for extended periods.

Headband Covers

We offer an optional Soft Pillow-Top Headband Cover Larger surface area, foam with soft cover, improves comfort. (Standard on our deluxe "dream" edition RS20S and RS60CF headsets)

Microphone Socks

radiosport boom-Mic headsets are delivered with Foam Mic Socks and work well in most all operating situations. Our radiosport RS60CF Boom-Mic Headset is supplied standard with a Foam Mic Sock, as are our new SuperLight Travel Boom-Mic headsets.

Foam Mic Socks are ideally suited for outdoor use especially in windy conditions.

Cloth Ear Muff Covers - Comfort Option - Ideal for hot humid climates or extended use - $9.50

Foam filled Ear Muffs - Standard Replacements - $12.95

New! Pillow-Top Headband Cover Comfort Option - $25.00

Gel Ear Cushions - Comfort Option. Ideal if you wear glasses - $39.50

Foam Mic Sock fits all radiosport Mics (M207, M208, M350-ADJ and M360) - $7.00

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