Headset-To-Radio Cables for popular VHF/UHF Handheld Radios

radiosport Headset-to-radio cables are Coiled Cord Cables to suit your installation. For use with radiosport RS15 and RS22CF OTH (over the head) boom-mic headsets.

Our ADP-CS6CS5 adapter $29

This new Adapter lets you use your 6-Pin RS60CF headset with these 5-Pin Headset-To-Radio cables.

Headset-To-Radio Cables are available for the following radios:

Coiled Cord for iCOM Handhelds - Straight: CC5-ICM-S - $ 39.00

Coiled Cord for iCOM Handhelds - Right Angle: CC5-ICM-R -
$ 39.00

Coiled Cord for Kenwood Handhelds: CC5-KEN - $ 39.00

Coiled Cord for Motorola Handhelds: CC5-MOT - $ 39.00

Coiled Cord for Yaesu Handhelds: CC5-YAE - $ 39.00

Fits VX-7 style waterproof screw-in connector.

Coiled Cord for Yaesu Handhelds: CC5-YAE-RT - $ 39.00

Single Pin, Right Angle Fits Radios like FT-60.

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Cables (only) ship by USPS Priority Mail for fast delivery.

Domestic (USA) Shipping

US $5.85 insured shipped within the 48 contiguous states.

International Shipping

US $19.35 insured shipping to approved international destinations.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Locking miniXLR 5-Pin Radio Port headset interface.

CC5-ICM-S Coiled Cord for iCOM with Straight Connector.

CC5-ICM-R Coiled Cord for iCOM with Right Angle Connector.

CC5-KEN Coiled Cord for Kenwood Handhelds.

CC5-MOT Coiled Cord for Motorola Handhelds.

CC5-YAE Coiled Cord for popular Yaesu Handhelds.

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