radiosport RS60CF 10th Anniversary Edition Headset - $329.00

Our 10th Anniversary Edition headset features new Full-Range headphone drivers and a special Full-Range Electret-Condenser Mic suitable for all modern HF Transceivers and especially usefull with the TX/RX EQ available on the leatest generation HF Desktop radios.

RS60CF deluxe "dream" edition shown.

CQ Magazine Reviews the RS60CF

February 2013 - page 44

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Interchangeable Headset-To-Radio cables ordered separately. Most HF Radio Cables are Priced at $99 and $109 for most radios.

Custom Headset-To-Radio cables available for Commercial and Government/Military applications. - Inquire

24dB Acoustic Noise Reduction - No RFI Issues
Special Full-Range Headphone Drivers
Special Full-Range Electret-Condenser Mic
Industry Standard miniXLR 6-Pin radio port
Integrated Push To Talk with Waterproof Cover
Aux 3.5mm Stereo Receive Jack (second Op)
Black Powder Coat Stainless Steel Headband
No-Tools Adjustable headband
Gel Ear Cushions!
Washable Cotton Ear Covers!
Soft Pillow-Top headband cover!
Beautiful Carbon Fiber finish
Blue 10th Anniversary Logo indicates special components

Canvas radiosport Logo Carrying Case $69

The radiosport RS60CF is compatible with all modern dual-watch, dual- receiver and dual-diversity radios utilizing special Full Range Communications Headphone Drivers (70Hz-6000Hz) and Full-Range (70Hz-6000Hz) Electret Condenser Mic. Critially rolling off all above 6000 Hz to eliminate Audio Amplifier generated noise that covers up weak signals and bombards your ear drums causing listener fatigue. Experience Communications the way it was intended, whether you are a CW Op or SSB Op!

This Mic works with ALL modern HF Desktop transceivers and HF Mobile radios, due to the exclusive support with our Headset-To-Radio cables for Electret Mics on all radios including those originally with a Dynamic Mic. This allows using the same Mic across several radios without the need to change Mics or have another headset.

HF Radios with 8-Pin Round Foster style Mic Connector:

For Elecraft HF Desktop Radios order:
Supports Electret Mics with Menu Selection
For FlexRadio HF Desktop Radios 6300/6500/6700 order:
Supports Electret Mics with Menu Selection
For FlexRadio HF Desktop Radios 6400(M)/6600(M) order:
Supports Electret Mics with Menu Selection
For ICOM HF Desktop Radios order:
All ICOM Radios support Electret Mics by default
For Kenwood/Hilberling HF Desktop Radios order:
For Yaesu HF Desktop Radios order:

HF Mobile Radios with 8-Pin RJ-45 Mic Connector:
For ICOM Mobile/Portable HF Radios with RJ-45 Mic Connector order: HTR Cable CS6-IRJ-PTT
For Kenwood Mobile/Portable HF Radios with RJ-45 Mic Connector order: HTR Cable CS6-KRJ-PTT-EM
For Yaesu Mobile/Portable HF Radios with RJ-45 Mic Connector order:

Headset-To-Radio cables are ordered separately. $119 each

See our Headset Accessories pages for spare Mics, Ear Muffs, Mic Socks, PPT Switches and more...

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"Simply the best we can build..."

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International Shipping

Australia - US $96.25 insured shipping.
Canada - US $61.80 insured shipping.
Mexico - US $74.60 insured shipping.
United Kingdom - Order from Martin Lynch & Sons
EU - Order from PileUpDX.
Inquire for other approved international destinations.

Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

Interchangeable Headset-To-Radio Cables - no dangling adapters required. Stereo/Mono Switch on Cable "Y" mold.

10th Anniversary Edition with special Full-Range headphone drivers and new Full-Range Mic

Auxilary radio or 2nd Op 3.5mm Stereo In/Out jack

Deep Gel Ear Muffs (Standard on our deluxe "dream" edition heasdsets)

Big Cloth Ear Covers are standard on our deluxe "dream edition headsets) Let's your ears sink into the comfort. - Washable!

Our Pillow Top Headband Cover ia standard on our deluxe "dream edition" headsets.

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