Selecting the Right radiosport Headset

To assist you with selecting the RIGHT HEADSET for YOUR APPLICATION, we build three primary categories of headsets.

1) Desktop HF Fixed Station - Listen-Only or Boom-Mic Headsets

RS20S-10A - Linmited Edition 10th Anniversary Listen-Only Headset for CW Ops or SWLs

These headsets are ideal for CW Ops or for Ops that may normally use either a Desk Mic, or a Studio Style Desk-Boom-Mic. They work especially well for either CW or SSB .

These headsets feature 32 Ohm Drivers that closely match headphone volume with normal speaker volume.

Our 10th Anniversary Edition RS20S-10A features Frequency response of 50Hz to 6000Hz means weak signals aren't covered up by high frequency atmospheric and audio amplifier generated noise, and the 50Hz low end cut-off provides superb rich voice articulation and excellent narrow passband CW reception with the latest HF radios that feature both TX & RX EQ.

Identified by the Blue 10th Anniversary logo

Our own custom made metal frame/Mylar cone, Neodymium magnet drivers* are phenominal and they have low drive power requirements yet exhibit exceptional dynamic range. There's nothing like these headphones. Find out what you've been missing!

* The same construction as used for our custom Studio Sound Engineer's Reference headsets.

Our 10th Anniversary Edition RS60CF-10A - The Ultimate Boom-Mic Headset - for modern HF Transceivers

Identified by the Blue 10th Anniversary logo

The ideal headset for today's latest generation HF Transceivers capable of Dual-Watch/Dual-Receive or Diversity Receive, but still the choice for any HF Desktop rig produced in the last 20 years (virtually all HF desktop radios produced since the early 1990s support Stereo Audio output) and many of which offer both TX and RX EQ capabilities coupled with our unique Full-Range headphone drivers with 50Hz to 6000 Hz response and a special Full-Range Electret-Condenser Mic. Supported by our exclusive HTR cable assemblies for ALL Modern HF Transceivers.

Featuring a second audio channel for these high-end radios plus all of our comfort options you'll want for DX, Contest, or casual operating where you want hands free ability to log, examine panadapter displays, CW Skimmer or other functions such as spotting callers of DX stations.

Equipped standard with an integrated PTT button on the left ear cup, convenient in case you move away from the operating position and can't reach your foot or desk hand PTT switch (See our PTT options under the product listing by radio Make and Model - Link on our home page).

These headsets also feature a 3.5mm Auxillary Stereo In/Out Jack on the right ear cup, perfect for a second op logging (plug in one of our RS20S Listen-Only headsets) or for monitoring an additional radio while operating.

With our new 6-Pin to 5-Pin miniXLR adapter you can also support even your handheld radio with our industry standard coil cords for popular handheld VHF/UHF radios.

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2) BRAND NEW! - SuperLight Travel Headsets from radiosport

These in-house custom designed, tooled, and manufactured headsets, just like our legendary full-size radiosport RS20S and RS60CF headsets are built for today's new and demanding operating conditions.

Our RS55SL, the Stereo Boom-Mic Travel headset you've been waiting for is now available.

Our Stereo Boom-MicSuperLight headset comes with an integrated 5 foot cord terminated in an industry standard 3.5mm TRRS Plug suitable for most all CITA* compatible SmartPhones, Tablets and Notebook PCs (with a single jack for headset use). Adapters are available for earlier notebook computers with separate Mic and Headphone jacks.

Unique to our SuperLight headsets are our exclusive Full-Range headphone drivers that provide superb music quality audio when coupled with devices like the iPhone and iPad due to their excellent audio. This means you can not only enjoy operating your radios using many of the Remote Radio Control apps, but you can also use them for great music listening. These 36mm versions of the 50mm Studio Sound Engineer's Reference headset drivers will amaze you, built with the same quality metal frame, Mylar cone and Neodymium magnet construction.

* The CITA wiring standard is used for virtually all current SmartPhone/Tablet/Notebook products for the US market. We have recently added OMTP wiring standard headsets for export markets requiring this standard ( e.g. China).

Click below for more details on these headset options: SuperLight Travel headsets with our New Radio Jumpers are idea for QRP radios, and Remote Control Radio devices

For Back-Packing, Mountain-Top, or Parks-On-The-Air operating, we offer both a Listen-Only and a Boom-Mic headset, with true Over-The Ear design with light weight foam filled, simulated leather Ear Cushions, and attached 6 foot cords for the lightest high-performance headset possible.

Plus use your RS55SL SuperLight Flex Bom-Mic headsets with our NEW Radio Jumpers

Finally a rugged, Boom-Mic headset with performance your QRP Elecraft KX2/KX3, ELAD FDM-Duo, Yaesu FT-817, or even FlexRadio Maestro or Elecraft K3/0 deserves. Built using a rugged Flex Boom and an Aviation grade Electret-Condenser Mic. We've got Radio Jumpers to use this SmartPhone / Tablet / Notebook PC TRRS Headset with Select Radios and Remote Radio Control devices.

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3) Limited Edition - Classic Radio Listen-Only & Wire Boom-Mic Headsets

Special Limited Edition headsets for your vintage tube type or early solid state rig. Now you can enjoy the comfort, performance and reliability of a modern professional headset built specially to work with your vintage station and have the look of a vintage aviation style headset.

RS20CR Listen-Only 600 Ohm Monaural headset

A special headset for your vintage tube type or early solid state rig. Now you can enjoy the comfort, performance and reliability of a modern professional headset built specially to work with and with the look of a vintage aviation headset.

RS22CR Wire Boom-Mic Headset

A special "Build to Order" headset with High Impedance Mic and 600 Ohm Headphone drivers ideal for vintage SSB transmitters and transceivers from the mid 1950's to the 1980s. This special headset was developed specifically for your vintage tube type or early solid state rig. Now you can enjoy the comfort, performance and reliability of a modern commercial quality headset built specially to work with and with the look of a vintage aviation headset. Great for Nets and Round Tables. In stock for Collins and Drake. Don't delay we build these just for You!

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